About US

I grew up in Lynchburg, VA and graduated from James Madison University in 1999.  I moved to Vienna in 2004 and hope to be here in 2040.  I married the love of my life in 2008 (Calli) and we have two outstanding young boys (10&6).  I've worked 20 years in the IT industry, 13 years at MicroStrategy, and 7 at a small consulting firm, Datastrong. When I'm not at work, I love coaching with VLL in the spring and fall and basketball with VYI and I9 Sports.

Despite being so close to Washington DC, Vienna has that smalltown feel that so many people cherish.  The ability to walk or ride to our local businesses and almost always see friends and neighbors makes Vienna special.  Whether I'm grabbing a burrito at Anita's, eating lunch at Plaka, or catching up on the latest VLL news at the Inn, I consider Vienna the best place on Earth to call home.